About This Evening's Program

Instead of live speeches, auctions, and music, we have curated a selection of videos for you to enjoy while eating your delicious gourmet take-out dinner prepared by Sarah Bouïssou Catering @ Bernard's.

You’re welcome to watch these videos in any order you like. However, please join us at 7:00 PM for the world premiere of our feature video called “The Gilberts & The Gilded Age of Entertaining” hosted by Daniel C. Levine and Bryan Perri from ACT of Connecticut.

Each video showcases a different aspect of WHAT we do here at KTM&HC and WHY your ongoing support is so critical to sustain our mission of keeping history alive for future generations and making it relevant to today’s civil society.

You’ll have an opportunity after each video to make an additional donation by clicking on the orange DONATE button. We’re thrilled to announce that we have a 2:1 match for every dollar raised up to 10,000 dollars! Please help us take advantage of this challenge to raise additional funds critical to fulfilling our mission. For fun, check out the progress bar at the bottom of the page to see your donations count, in real time!

Thank you for your support and enjoy tonight’s program!

President's Message

The Gilberts & The Gilded Age of Entertaining

Join us for the world premiere tonight at 7 PM!

We hope you enjoyed the world premiere of “The Gilberts & The Gilded Art of Entertaining” made in collaboration with ACT of Connecticut. Isn’t Julia’s beaded court gown simply stunning? Aren’t the Oriental costumes with their colorful silk brocade embroidery a feast for the eye? And to hear Charlie Pankenier talk about Julia’s choreographed presentation to English royalty is simply amazing. We could not, however, tell these fascinating stories without our wonderful collections of textiles, artifacts, objects, and primary-source documents.

Please consider making an additional gift towards the conservation of our Museum collections by clicking the DONATE button below. Thank you!

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Bringing History Alive in the Virtual Classroom

Doesn’t “Mistress Houston” do a terrific job bringing history alive by connecting the past to the present? Don’t you wish you could come back for more? Although students and teachers are yearning for human interaction, offering a virtual classroom such as this with Mistress Houston is the closest it gets to a real-life setting. However, converting our on-site, in-person school programs to digital distance learning is – as you can imagine – putting a real strain on our resources.

Please consider making another gift by clicking on the DONATE button below to help us create more virtual classroom experiences such as the one you just watched in this video. Thank you!

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This Old Chair: How To Restore An 18th-Century Bannister-Back Chair

The professional restoration of antique furniture in our Collection is core to our mission of historic preservation. Watch John Curry of Curry & Hovis in Pound Ridge, New York, talk about the hands-on process of restoring this bannister-back chair while providing a fascinating account of the skilled craftsmanship of period furniture makers.

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Join Dan & Bryan on The Self-Guided Walking Tour of 'Gilberts in the Gardens'

We hope you enjoyed the virtual outdoor walking tour of our gardens as much as we did. Now that we’ve entered Phase 1 of re-opening, the good news is that you can visit our site and take the tour yourself starting tomorrow, Sunday, May 24. Wear your mask, keep your 6-foot social distance, and follow the one-way arrows. Nothing can beat the real thing!

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Timothy's Tales

Thank you for joining us tonight and supporting our Gala To Go. We couldn't do any of this without you. We hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening!

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